What is Step 0?

Step 0 is the Preparation Phase for AM, specifically with regard to Safety. Safety Comes First!

Objectives of Step 0:

1.Ensure safe work practices in AM

2. Get better understanding of equipment

3. Learn TPM tools

Ensuring Safe Work Practices

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Identify Sources of Energy (SOE)
  • Lock out Tag out (LOTO) Procedures

Identify Sources of Energy 

  • Electrical
  • Gravitational
  • Thermal (heat)
  • Air
  • Springs
  • Light

Maintenance team members share their knowledge of the equipment with the operators.

LOTO – Lock Out/Tag out 

  1. Define Lock Out points
  2. SOE Diagram
  3. Team LOTO Procedures
  4. Practice locking and tagging out
  5. Start LOTO OPLs
  6. Lockout points are at the sources of energy.
  7. When properly “locked out”, no energy can be applied from that source.
  8. When working on the line, lock out ALL sources. If someone else has locked out the source already, you still must lock it out with your own hasp and lock.

Operators practice LOTO and create OPLs to teach others how to properly Lock-out.

PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

Assessing the Risks:

  • Evaluate the nature of the specific hazards
  • Evaluate PPE & review with team for recommendations to select the best type of PPE
  • Make sure PPE meets safety standards

Hand Protection

Foot Protection

Protective Clothing

Head Protection

Eye Protection

Hearing Protection

Assessing the Risks:

  • Physical Hazards
  • Health Hazards

Things to Remember:

  1. PPE alone cannot eliminate potential hazards.
  2. Always keep machine guards or other engineering controls in place, and follow safety procedures.
  3. Safety F-Tags can be used to correct safety hazards.

Step 0 Review:

  • How to keep ourselves safe while working on the line.
  • How the equipment operates by investigating SOE.
  • Why LOTO and PPE are important.
  • How to create OPLs, Safety F-Tags and Activity Board materials.


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