What is an OPL?

  • A tool to convey information.
  • Designed to enhance knowledge and skills in a short time, at the right time, whenever needed.
  • To upgrade levels of expertise by having individuals study, learn and then train others in the knowledge or skill.

Who Creates OPL’s?

  • Everyone!
  • Operators, Mechanics, Managers, Supervisors, Engineers, Office staff, etc.
  • We are all responsible for upgrading the knowledge and skills of each other.

When Do You Create A OPL?

  • Anytime it makes sense to convey some knowledge or skill to others.
  • Safety, Health or Environmental issues.
  • Quality requirements/improvements.
  • Productivity requirements/improvements.
  • To reinforce existing procedures.
  • To explain new procedures or equipment.
  • Anything from how to wash hands to how to handle a changeover on a specific line.

Guidelines to create OPL

Excel template can be downloaded here

Safety OPL example

Lock Out, Tag Out and Try Out Safety OPL example


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