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What is an OPL?

  • A tool to convey information.
  • Designed to enhance knowledge and skills in a short time, at the right time, whenever needed.
  • To upgrade levels of expertise by having individuals study, learn and then train others in the knowledge or skill.

Who Creates OPL’s?

  • Everyone!
  • Operators, Mechanics, Managers, Supervisors, Engineers, Office staff, etc.
  • We are all responsible for upgrading the knowledge and skills of each other.

When Do You Create A OPL?

  • Anytime it makes sense to convey some knowledge or skill to others.
  • Safety, Health or Environmental issues.
  • Quality requirements/improvements.
  • Productivity requirements/improvements.
  • To reinforce existing procedures.
  • To explain new procedures or equipment.
  • Anything from how to wash hands to how to handle a changeover on a specific line.

Guidelines to create OPL

Excel template can be downloaded here

Safety OPL example

Lock Out, Tag Out and Try Out Safety OPL example

Safety One Point Lesson

Inspection OPL sample here

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