Implementation Team


  • Integrity
    • Demand diversity of thought!
  • Responsibility and accountability
    • Define & communicate roles, responsibilities, and actions plans for teams and individuals!

5W & 1H

  • WHAT: Major Stoppages/Breakdowns
  • WHEN: Daily
  • WHERE: Packaging Lines
  • WHO: Mechanic
  • WHICH: N/A
  • HOW: Not Enough time to Eliminate


Mechanics do not have enough time to Eliminate Major Stoppages/Breakdowns that occur daily on the packaging lines.
Plant 6 major losses

Why-Why Analysis

  • WHY-1: Mechanics are still having to perform basic, routine preventative maintenance & repairs;
  • WHY-2: Operators do not have the Skills & Knowledge to assist;

Developing training program

Identify inspection categories

Define Skills & Knowledge

Each Module Developed with clear objectives:

  1. Understanding of Normal vs. Abnormal Conditions;
  2. Safe and proper use of or conditions for application;
  3. Proper Component Identification;
  4. Demonstrated Abilities and Skill Assessments.
Prepare training materials

Please use links below to get access to all 5 modules

Create training schedule

Create training schedule


Train employees

Benefits Old vs. New Training

Old vs. New

Training evaluation


Group composite scores from Pre-evaluation compared to Post-evaluation scores to evaluate effectiveness. Individual Associates must have a minimum passing score of 80% to move to the next module.

Knowledge and Skill Assessment Results. Module Session Average Scores

                                               Pre   / Post

1.0 Lubrication:                    61% / 94%  (100% passed)

2.0 Hand Tools/Fasteners: 75% / 94%  (100% passed)

3.0 Electrical/Sensors:        52% / 92%   (100% passed)       

4.0 Pneumatics:                   60% / 96%  (87% passed)

5.0 Drive Systems:              50% /  92%  (100% passed)

Post Assessment Scores

Post-Assessment Knowledge Evaluation

Reasons for modifying training

Modify training

Lubrication training modification

Associate Feedback = HIGHER MORALE:

  • “I wish I had this training 20 years ago!”
  • “I can use this.”
  • “This training makes sense.”
  • “No longer failures, but Planned Activity”.

Implement, Identify & Correct Abnormalities

Operators finding abnormalities!

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