Step 1:  Clean the sprocket with a rag touching and observing the sprocket.

Step 2: Look for the following abnormalities:

  1.  Worn teeth
  2.  Misalignment

Abnormality 1: Worn teeth

  • teeth should not be rounded,
  • teeth should not be chipped.

Abnormality 2: Misalignment

The sprocket must be aligned and perfectly perpendicular to the axis of travel.


  1. I really love this website, it seems like a treasure to me. Cos it’s what I have been searching up to now. Your instruction is very detailed and practical. I dont know who the web owner but I think he must be a TPM guru^^

      1. Dear Mr. LEANTPM6S,
        You are very kind to suggest my questions, actually, I just wait 4 that^^. I really wish you also recommend some top-notch apps/softwares/websites being used for each TPM/WCM pillars. For example, I use Proeye software to analyze working motions to detect wastes and losses, Matlab web to model and analyze variations. But I also know what I know today could be out-of-date right after the other day. So, I think It will be a great share when u also recommend some great ones.

        1. Ariel,
          Thanks again for your feedback and questions. ProcessMA is an Excel add-in that will help you to better utilize Six Sigma tools. It’s available as a 30-day free trial on developer’s website and if you will find it useful, license can be purchased there.

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