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Safety, Health and Environment Rules – SHE Pillar

Every manufacturing facility should have a set of SHE rules for workers and visitors/contractors. Rules must be designed in accordance with company policies as well as local legislation. Please see below an example of Safety, Health and Environment Rules: Work at Heights Work involving a height of 2m or above

Safety, Health and Environment TPM pillar

SHE pillar vision is to cultivate a continuous improvement culture that achieves a sustained record of Safety, Health, & Environmental excellence  & realizes our vision: ZERO accidents, ZERO incidents, ZERO losses. The SHE Pillar is the cornerstone TPM Pillar that supports and lends stability to overall continuous  improvement process

Chapter 11. Safety, Health and Environment. Part 3

Zero trapping or catching 1 Definition: A body part getting crushed, twisted, etc. by being trapped between objects 2 In broad terms, there are two types of trapping incident: – Caused by own actions, e.g. operator gets hand trapped when trying to wipe dirt off a moving roller. -Caused