SHE pillar vision is to cultivate a Continuous Improvement culture that achieves a sustained record of Safety, Health, & Environmental excellence  & realizes our vision:

ZERO accidents,

ZERO incidents,

ZERO losses.

The SHE Pillar is the cornerstone TPM Pillar that supports and lends stability to the overall continuous improvement process and all of the other TPM Pillars.

We believe that a sturdy, well developed SHE Pillar is essential to realizing goals of:

  • Achieving zero accidents, zero incidents, and zero losses.
  • Building a World-Class Supply Chain.

SHE Mission Statement

To enhance and protect the most important assets – its people, brands, and reputation.  We will operate in a way that:

  • Incorporates SHE concerns into our business strategy
  • Recognizes that each of us has a responsibility for achieving safety, health, and environmental excellence
  • Identifies and provides resources to accomplish safety, health, and environmental objectives
  • Promotes the culture of zero accidents and zero environmental incidents
  • Fully integrates SHE into all business processes
  • Champions activities that reduce the environmental footprint

SHE Pillar Plan. Creating an Autonomous Safety Culture

  • All Co-workers Internally Motivated to Work Safety
  • Have the Necessary Safety Knowledge & Skills
  • Everyone Takes Charge of Their Own Safety
  • Employees Empowered to Take Safety Action
  • SHE Activities are linked to each AM Step

SHE Pillar Plan = Autonomous Safety

  • Make SHE A ValueLeadership SHE Training
  • SHE as a Way of WorkingIntegration of SHE & TPM
  • Task-Based Risk Assessment
  • Behaviour Based Safety
  • 5 S for SHE
  • SHE Kaizens
    • Ergonomics
    • Environmental

SHE Plans to address the 3 Key Areas of Safety Excellence

Process Safety Excellence

Proactive Safety Process for Addressing Underlying Risks

Safety Pyramid - Accident Prevention Tool

In fact, if one looks further down the base of the safety pyramid, for every serious accident there are numerous at-risk acts and conditions. These at-risk acts and conditions, which are often unseen, are the underlying cause of accidents.

SHE Kaizens

  • Based Upon Leading SHE Data
    • At-Risk Behaviours (Observations)
    • 5S for SHE data (F Tags)
    • Ergonomics data
    • Investigation Report Review
  • Involve Multi-Disciplinary Teams
  • Use Formal Problem Solving – 12 Step Kaizen
  • Deliver Value:
    • Reduced Risk;
    • $ Savings.

SHE & AM Pillar Integration. Implementation in steps – JIPM concept

 SHE 5S Checklists, Operator and Maintenance Safety Checklists

SHE Pillar Expectations for sister factories

  • Common SHE Loss Tree;
  • Focus on Proactive SHE Measures & Losses;
  • Common SHE KPIs, Measures, and Targets;
  • Development of Annual SHE Improvement Plan;
  • Implementation of Behaviour Based Safety;
  • Integration of SHE & TPM = Autonomous Safety;
  • Compliance with global SHE Standards;
  • SHE Audits Every 3 Years.

SHE Targets & KPIs

  • Traditional
    • Recordable Rate
    • Environmental Incidents
  • New Proactive Measures
    • Near Misses
    • At-Risk Behaviour
    • At-Risk Conditions
  • Key SHE Activity Measures

Improve Communication and Focus on Improvements based on data

Work procedures, rules, permits where required to ensure safety compliance

SHE Focused Improvement (FI)

Health and Safety risk analysis audit

Examples of FI in Safety, Health, and Environment

Forklift Safety Improvement Plan

  • Regulate traffic between people and forklifts
  • Educate and enforce safe driving of forklifts
  • Equip all trucks with seatbelts and enforce their use
  • Complete impact monitor implementation on all vehicles.
  • Evaluate all battery charging areas
  • Proper storage of pallets (not to exceed 16)

Material Handling Ergonomic Strategy

  • Complete actions from an ergonomic assessment completed in the Material Handling department
  • Ergonomic Committee to assess material handling issues as per Investigation Reports and make recommendations
  • Ergonomic Assessments to be carried out for all high-risk tasks
  • Actions as per recommendations to be completed by Area Supervisors

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