What is Autonomous Maintenance?

  • Shop-floor based activitiesWhat is Autonomous Maintenance?
  • Operator conducted
  • Operator enhancing
  • Team activity
  • Shop-floor Kaizen & TPM Foundation
  • Part of the job!

We are All responsible for Our equipment

Concept of Productive Maintenance


Improvement of Reliability & Maintainability

Phases in Autonomous Maintenance

Data Collection & Monitor Machine Condition

Why Autonomous Maintenance?

Expose hidden defects and prevent breakdowns before they occur.

Basic Concept of Autonomous Maintenance

Success in Autonomous Maintenance

7 Step Autonomous Maintenance

Autonomous Maintenance is the activities designed to restore and maintain equipment to optimal condition.

From Initial Clean to Autonomous Management

Zero Breakdown Approach

Change machine conditions from Forced deterioration to Natural

What to look for! – Forced Deterioration

Looseness • Breakage, Wear and Tear • Misalignment • Poor Soldering • Poor Wiring • Rust, Contamination, Oil Leaks

Safety Comes First!!!• Make sure team members use lock-out tag-out

  • Make sure team members use lock-out and tag-out (LOTO)
  • Identify any potential safety issues
  • Use proper PPE
  • Use the right tools and the tools right!
  • No part of the job is worth losing life or limb

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