A program to reduce the number of steps needed to do a job and make the work area cleaner so that it is safer and more productive. The 5 steps of 5S are:

  1. Sort
  2. Set
  3. Shine
  4. Standardize
  5. Sustain

Rules of 5S:

  • Everything HAS a place and everything IN its place.
  • Nothing on the Floor except legs, wheels, or pallets.
  • When in doubt, throw it out.

What is the most disorganized area of your home?

  • Garage?
  • Storage Closet?
  • Toolshed?

Is this what your tool shed looks like?

What is the most organized place you can think of?

An example of a perfectly organized place is aisles in the grocery store.

Environment Before 5S

AM Step 1 Flow – Sort

  • Perform the SORT activity of 5S
  • Create the “Red Tag Zone” for items you do not need


  • Locate a specific place for each item (tools, equipment, material), close to where it is needed
  • “A place for everything and everything in its place.”


  • This is done by dividing the work area into zones and assigning roles each person is to play in their area of responsibility
  • Not a simple wipe off of dust
  • Eliminate sources of contamination

Standardize & Sustain

  • Standardization:  Create OPLs, implement demarcation
  • Sustain:  Self-discipline is required.  Everybody is responsible for making 5 S work


  • The 5S is a technique to keep the workplace organized at all times
  • The 5S are Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize & Sustain
  • Normally in Step 1, we only do the first three steps of 5S (SORT, SET/STORE & SHINE)

Remember the Before Shot?

Good luck with your challenges and remember 5S is the foundation of any improvement program!

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