1. 5W1H Who+What+When+Where+Which+How

Classify the problem according to the 5Ws and 1 H explaining characteristics and trends

2. Understand the structure

Flashlight definition diagram

3. Understand the principle and basic rules

  • Principle
    • The filament generate light due to heat
  • Basic rules (Main rule)
    • The filament has to receive an adequate electric current
  • (Secondary rule)
    • The filament should not be interrupted
    • The battery should have certain voltage
    • The electric resistance should be low

4. Make a Why Why Analysis – 1

Why Why Analysis is a method that pursues the root cause of the problem by repeatedly asking, why?

Make a Why Why Analysis – 2

Once all the possible causes have been identified through the Why Why Analysis, you have to study each one and its relationship with the site
And the problem object. You start to analyze the W1 level. If there is some Cause listed, write down NA (Not Applicable) if there isn’t, write down a O.

Why Why Analysis Format

Why-Why Exercise #1

After chucking, a product drops during transport. Malfunction description: The hand holds a bottle but drops it when the elevator moves downward.

Why-Why Exercise #2

The cap head is collapsed at the press-fitting process of the cap. Malfunction description: The cap head is collapsed at the press-fitting process of the cap.

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