When equipment breaks down it is necessary to find root cause of the problem. Let’s review five main causes.

Forced Deterioration

These breakdowns are caused by:

  • Lack of Cleaning (accumulation of Dirt and Dust);
  • Lack of Inspection (e.g. loose nuts, bolts, etc);
  • Lack of Lubrication.

Lack of Basic Conditions (CIL) !

What will happen…

  • if you never clean your stove?
  • if you never check the air in your car’s tires?
  • if you don’t change the oil in your car for 100,000 miles?


Forced Deterioration – Countermeasures

  • Cleaning Standards – ensure parts are clean and SOCs are removed;
  • Inspection & Visual Control – ensure nuts and bolts are in the right place;
  • Lubrication Standards – ensure parts are well-oiled and running smoothly.

Natural Deterioration

These breakdowns are caused by:

  • Friction and contact between parts;
  • Friction between parts and the environment.

Every Mechanical Part has a limited life-span, therefore even under basic conditions (CIL) natural deterioration will occur.

What will happen…

  • if you never change the brakes of your car?
  • if you use the same shoe everyday for 2 years?
  • after water flows in a pipe for 100 years?

Natural Deterioration – Countermeasures

  • Time Based Maintenance (TBM)

Weak Point Part

Breakdowns caused by components that were not correctly designed to support their function. Component can suffer:

  • Overload
  • Over heating
  • Corrosion
  • Accelerated wear

It’s the same as:

  • A chair breaking repeatedly, even if you keep replacing it;
  • The brake in your car failing repeatedly despite maintenance.

Weak Point Part – Countermeasures

  • Redesign component

Out of Operating Condition

These breakdowns are caused by:

  • Equipment being ran out of specified conditions. Specified conditions might be:
    • Temperature
    • Speed
    • Air Pressure

What will happen if you…

  • Plug your 110V hair dryer in a 220V receptacle
  • Dry your cat in the microwave
  • Drive an Indy Car in the city


Out of Operating Conditions – Countermeasures

  • One Point Lessons
  • Visual Controls
  • Match Marks

Lack of Knowledge

  • Breakdowns related to lack of knowledge of:
  • Machine operation
  • Machine repair
  • Installation

It’s the same as:

  • YOU driving a Nascar car during a race TODAY!
  • You needing to pilot a jet flight

Lack of Knowledge – Countermeasures

  • One Point Lessons
  • Training
  • Maintenance Standards

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