Lockout Tagout (LOTO) refers to policies and procedures that have been developed to protect workers from contact with hazardous energy.

The general concept of LOTO is that workers de-energize equipment that they will be working on and put on a personal lock to ensure nobody else can re-energize the equipment while they are still working on it.

While you are working in the Sanitation Department, this means that whenever you are cleaning a piece of equipment that has energy (power sources), you will be required to lock out the equipment before doing the tasks.

Equipment-specific or line-specific LOTO procedures must be developed for most of the equipment in your factory. These procedures can be either posted on or near the equipment or packaging areas or found in the LOTO cabinets in binders.

You MUST familiarize yourself with these specific procedures BEFORE attempting to lock out any piece of equipment.

You will be issued your own personal locks to keep you safe. Please ensure to carry them with you at all times and USE THEM.

Example of LOTO for the equipment

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