To implement Focused Improvement efficiently following the kickoff, you will obviously need to select the topics that must be addressed to attain the goals, priorities, and targets summarized on the activity boards. To eliminate the losses, each department, section, or subsection must decide which machine or line it will work on and then implements Focused Improvements methodically, based on the site’s Focused Improvements Improvement Plan.

Table “7-Step Procedure for Focused Improvement” shows an example of a step-by-step procedure for this. The Focused Improvement Pillar Subcommittee and the TPM Office should carefully monitor and follow up the implementation of the Focused Improvements. Table “Example of Chart for Monitoring Focused Improvements” shows an example of a monthly progress chart for doing so, while Table “Focused Improvement Horizontal Rollout” shows an example of a horizontal rollout chart. The step-by-step implementation procedure is repeated on a new topic after each horizontal rollout, to reduce the losses even further.

7-Step Procedure for Focused Improvement
Example of Chart for Monitoring Focused Improvements 
Focused Improvement Horizontal Rollout

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