Identify sources of MP information

  • Take stock of every potential source of MP information – old or new – and decide how useful it could be.
  • For each information source, set up a system (e.g. MP data sheets) for gathering useful information in a usable format. Establish new information channels (primary MP data sources) as necessary.
  • Design a system to sort out historical information and make it usable immediately, with the minimum of further effort.
  • Organize the information into categories, making it easily searchable and retrievable. The object is to make everything readily accessible to anyone (including non-expert users) at any time. Add it to frequently-used reference diagrams and key it into CAD systems.
  • Design the system so that each entry offers useful extras, such as the provenance of the information, the benefits of using it, examples of ways it has been used in the past, and so forth.
The Anatomy of an MP Information Utilization System

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